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Эллочка, 27, Москва. (Profile 13)

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Gender Female
Name Эллочка
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Date of birth .02.1992   (Age: 27)
Zodiac sign Aquarius
Country Russia
City Москва
Family status Single / Unmarried
Education Two or more Universities
About myself Хо, хо, парниша! ;)
At free time * At home or in the temple, reading spiritual literature, etc.
Smoking Yes, I smoke but seldomly
Alcohol Yes, I drink but seldomly
Cows milk I drink but seldomly
Interests * Psychology
Movies Золотой телёнок
Music О!
Spiritual education I know enough
Prayer / Meditation Yes I do
Pagan religions
Asatru / Odinism- European Paganism, Druidry- Celtic Paganism
Hinduism Vishnuism & Vaishnav sampradayas, Other Indian/Hindu-Vedic
Theravada, Other Buddhism
Orthodox Judaism, Other Judaism
Catholic, Other Christianity
Other religions Esotericism / New Age, Falun Gong
Height 4.82ft / 147sm
Weight 90pd / 41kg
Natural hair color Red
Natural eye color Greyish-Green
Health issues Всё блеск!
Here for Spiritual help in family union
Type of family realtions * The wife works and provides for the family and the husband does not work and cares his wife
I have: * Perfect physical appearances
Intimacy It`s an important area of life
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Telephone, email You must be at least a Silver user to view this field
Maximal allowed age: 49
Potential spouse must have: * Perfect physical look & shape
Seeking family status Divorced
Seeking country Austria, Benin
Seeking level of education Masters degree
Seeking smoking preference No, I stopped smoking
Seeking alcohol preference No, I stopped drinking
Seeking by intimacy preferences It`s an integral part of healthy, happy relationship
Seeking spiritual education I know enough
Seeking gender Male
Seeking age 24 - 49
Seeking height 4.92ft / 151sm - 4.98ft / 152sm
Seeking weight 99pd / 45kg - 154pd / 70kg
Seeking natural hair color Brown
Seeking natural eyes color Grey
Registered on 29.01.2018
Last access 29.01.2018
User type Registered user
User online status Offline
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